Nicola Does It Again

Nicola Sime-Riley riding Fulvic Connoisseur has won the 2017 Nissan SA Outdoor Grand Prix for a second successive year.

In 2016 Nicola won this coveted title for the first time riding A Square Forklifts Elpaso.

Nicola and Connoisseur had near faultless rounds incurring only 1 time penalty in each round to run-out deserved winners.

Nicole Horwood riding Mark White Nissan’s Capital Don Cumarco finished second with Dominey Alexander on Armageddon in third place.

1st Nicola Sime-Riley – Fulvic Connoisseur
2nd Nicole Horwood – Mark White Nissan’s Capital Don Cumarco
3rd Dominey Alexander – Armageddon
4th Lauren Smorenburg – Adawnment Ascada II
5th Gail Foxcroft – Equifox JFK
6th Marlene Sinclair – Camaro

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