2017 Reonet Midrand FEI World Cup Qualifier

Samantha McIntosh and Lets Win have won the Reonet Midrand FEI World Cup Qualifier at Kyalami Park.

Of the 32 horse and rider combinations that qualified, they were the only pair to jump 2 clear rounds.

The official result is as follows:

1st Samantha McIntosh – Let’s Win
2nd Lisa Williams- Discovery Campbell
3rd Bronwyn Meredith Short – Fountain of Love
4th Rainer Korber – Clouny 3
5th Nicole Horwood – Mark White Nissan’s Capital Hitoshi
6th Cayleigh Triggol – Callaho’s Louisa
7th Dominey Alexander – Armageddon
8th Tara Louw – Kuda Insurance Mr President

Photograph courtesy of Jacqui S Wood

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